Healthy Living

Live a healthy lifestyle starting with staying fit and active. Create that lifestyle by putting the right antioxidants in your body like fruits and vegetables. Bonus: Did you know drinking enough water keeps your skin fresh, young, and glowing? Add some lemon for a little extra flavor!

Girl On the Go

This preppy little tennis skirt with the mesh hoodie wouldn’t be our go-to gym outfit, but you can’t go wrong with it when running some errands! Don’t forget to add that pop of color with your favorite pair of sneakers! Mesh Hoodie: Victoria Secret Skirt: Lulu Lemon Shoes: Reebok Wardrobe, Hair, and Make-up by Vakkar …

Side to Side

Sometimes we need just the smallest change to spice up our look. Instead of the standard middle part; the side part will add natural volume to the hair and give you a new look. Another tip? If you already part on the side, flip it to the other side. This will add some extra volume, …

The Blowout

Looking for less blow drying time, and wanting more shine? Look no further, Your Hair Assistant Blow Dry Primer by Davines will have your hair looking fresh and protect against the heat and humidity of these hot summer days.