The distressed suede adds a classic appeal to a trendy bootie with deep side slits.

Men Can Spray Too

Does it seem like a lot of our posts are aimed towards women? Sorry about that guys! No worries though, you can hairspray too! Davines Medium Hold Hairspray is a product to add to your hair and keep it looking great. Whether you’re in the office, teeing off, or out for a night cap, your …

Which Keratin Is Right For You?

Have you been thinking about doing a keratin treatment? Unsure of which one is right for you? Here at Vakkar Salon, we do three different types of keratin treatments that can transform your hair. The Express Keratin Dior Blowout will last you anywhere from 4-6 weeks. It will improve your shine, humidity factor, and decrease …

The Perfect Blowout

Creating the “Perfect Blowout” by Vakkar Salon. Step 1 -> Prep: Prep Shampoo and Your Hair Assistant Rich Balm ( leave on for 4 minutes for best results) IMPORTANT!! Step 2-> Styling: Keratherapy Daily Smoothing Cream (less is not more in this case), Relaxing Moisturizing Fluid (keeps the hair light and shiny with the perfect …

Amethyst Ana Stone

Beautiful stone wrapped in gold metal. Add a spark of translucent color and flare to your everyday outfits! We can’t wait to see these on you this Fall!